Aerial imagery & Mapping

Cambisol doesn’t only offer fully-licensed and qualified drone mapping solutions, but also brings years of experience in creating captivating aerial footage and A-Z video production.

Whether for scientific-quality mapping, or for inspection of your project site.

Whether for bird’s-eye view photography, or for stunning video footage tailored to your project.

Drone imagery has achieved an invaluable role in research, inventories, monitoring, designing, and visual communication. We at Cambisol have developed a rich and diverse background in surveying, mapping, and A-Z video production. We offer several drone services in line with the following topics.



Sometimes, simply changing perspective is all you need to obtain new insights and overview of your project area.

Inventory solutions


& modelling

Terrain maps, vegetation maps, or even simulated risk maps. We offer a diverse set of services to suit your needs.

Mapping solutions

& video editing

Aerial imagery is powerful for capturing stunning graphics. We take a step further and offer A-Z video production.

Graphical solutions

& evaluation

Forests, extensive fields, rooftops, or remote sites. We can assist in inspecting places you can not easily reach.

Monitoring solutions

area inventory

coming soon...

2D and 3D overview of project site

Mapping & Modelling

  • Cambisol offers a diverse set of drone mapping solutions

  • coming soon…

coming soon…

HIGHLIGHTED | one of our studies on drone-based risk mapping...

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Video Editing

coming soon...

offering tailored footage

multiple video playlist + button to geoguessing

Monitoring & EValuation

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HIGHLIGHTED | multispectral monitoring by drone


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