Aerial imagery & Mapping

Cambisol is licensed to use a drone for aerial footage and research as for example in preparing projects or to get data supporting running projects. This can be very useful to develop better maps or attractive photographs or videos. Examples of services that can be included in the projects are described below.


Area inventory

Aerial data and footage can give complete new insights in your project or extend your current knowledge.


Mapping & modelling

Cambisol uses the collected data to develop better maps and more accurate risk maps. 3D photography is used to create elevation maps, plant health maps and erosion or terrain models.


Photography & editing

Stunning footage can help to expand your ideas and projects. If wanted, innovative and attractive movies can be created in close cooperation with the client – you.


Monitoring & evaluation

Cambisol can assist in getting to places you will not easily reach: roofs, large fields or forests. Doing so, monitoring and evaluation of your projects becomes easier.