Aerial imagery & Mapping

Cambisol doesn't only offer fully-qualified drone mapping solutions, but also years of experience in creating aerial & satellite maps, 3D models, and A-Z video production.

Whether for scientific-quality mapping, or for inspection of your project site.

Whether for bird's-eye view photography, or for stunning video footage tailored to your project.

Drone imagery has achieved an invaluable role in research, inventories, monitoring, designing, and visual communication. In addition, we offer satellite-based solutions for regular & large-scale monitoring. We at Cambisol have developed a rich and diverse background in surveying, mapping, and A-Z video production. We offer several drone services in line with the following topics.


Area inventory

Sometimes, simply changing perspective is all you need to obtain new insights and overview of your project area.

Inventory solutions


Mapping & modelling

Terrain maps, multispectral vegetation maps, or even simulated risk maps. We offer a diverse set of services to suit your needs.

Mapping solutions

Photography & video editing

Aerial imagery is powerful for capturing stunning graphics. We take a step further and offer A-Z video production.

Graphical solutions

Monitoring & evaluation

Looking for an impact quantification over a large area? Interested in up-to-date information of ground effects of your interventions?

Monitoring solutions

area inventory

The bird's eye view often leads to brand new insights in your area of interest. Whether your site is difficult to access or contains tall features such as buildings or trees, we can easily provide this aerial perspective using remote sensing applications.

As a nice addition to conventional 2D maps, you can choose for an interactive 3D model for full immersion! Check it out, and experience the unique sense of freedom for yourself 👉

Thanks to modern technologies and years of experience, we can offer efficient low-cost 2D & 3D mapping solutions. Examples of map items are:

  • Terrain surface

  • Plants & Crops

  • Buildings & Structures

  • Water & Soil

Mapping & Modelling


    Cambisol provides a diverse set of geospatial information and maps, including (but not limited to) the following:


    a high-quality orthophoto of your site, showing all visible details with centimetric precision


    an accurate map of the terrain, including any micro-topographic detail


    as simulated by scientific-level hydrological/erosion models


    the volume of trees or crops in a field, visualised and estimated in 2D or 3D


    the vigour and growth activity of crops, for example by multi-spectral sensors


    quantifying the ground impact of implemented project interventions


    repeated surveys to detect changes over time, such as real-time plant growth


    an estimation of the expected impact of new designs or future conditions

* the visualisations above are solely serving an illustrational purpose — for an overview of the actual datasets and background behind these images, please take a look at our portfolio page.

A scientific basis...

We pride ourselves in maintaining scientific standards in data acquisition & spatial analysis. Being MSc and PhD graduates ourselves - with numerous publications world-leading science journals, and strong ties with several research groups worldwide - robustness & precision are important values in everything we do.

HIGHLIGHTED | one of our published works on drone-based risk mapping...

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Video Editing

The potential impact of aerial footage is higher than you may think.

Drone videography is not only revolutionising the cinematographic industry. It is also becoming a valuable tool in any project, and at any stage.

From inspecting your site in project preparation — to planning the most effective interventions — to capturing the real-time ground execution — to visualising  & monitoring the end-result — to effectively disseminating & communicating your impact to any stakeholders.

We offer 4K aerial footage as well as A-Z video production, tailored to your needs.

Monitoring & EValuation

Anyone who has worked with projects has probably witnessed the importance of impact quantification and long-term performance assessment, also known as Monitoring  & Evaluation (M&E).

We at Cambisol are building a diverse set of M&E skills & experience. By utilising the powerful potential of remote sensing, bundled with valuable on-ground measurements, we can quantify the impact of your interventions. A few examples are:

  • Periodic surveys for impact quantification

  • Plant growth and health over time

  • Erosion, sedimentation, subsidence

  • Long-term performance & maintenance

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