Regreening and Design

Cambisol focusses on regreening and the design of soil and water conservation measures. But not only the design, but the whole process from A to Z.
First, a soil and area inventory is done with GIS and measurements, resulting in accurate maps. The maps are developed with high resolution DEM’s or erosion risk models using a drone. Based on the results, a design is made with innovative or conventional location specific measures. Then, the designed soil and conservation measures are implemented in the field, together with the actors at stake.
The solutions are founded in scientific research as Cambisol has strong connections with the academic scene.

The main project Cambisol is involved in at this moment is the development of the Ecosystem Kickstarter. Teun is one of the founders of this innovative anti erosion structure. His main activities are project management and setting up the implementation of the product in various locations together with the project partners.

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