Innovation & Entrepreneurship

What we do has to make sense.

Yes, we are scientists and our foundation is in science. However, we mostly enjoy to work on projects that go hand in hand with entrepreneurship. And we have a fair reason: what we do has to make sense.

In addition, we like to develop or build new things from scratch. Because it is not there yet, and we believe there is a need for it.

This vision has resulted in practical and pragmatic projects of which we give an overview below.

Workflow optimisation

for enabling efficient land management

The core of our services (and enjoyment) can be found in the interface of drones and modelling. We are not purely drone pilots nor purely data analysts. We like to do both.

We have built models and work flows for developing e.g. elevation or erosion maps which can be utilized for improved management plans or impact mapping.

Please see the portfolio and note the 'bulb' icon to learn more about our projects focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Social entrepreneurship

Business models for climate resilient agriculture in the caribbean

As a result of climate and soil conditions, there are opportunities for agriculture in the Caribbean region. Cambisol has been active in various places of the Caribbean and has looked for developing relevant climate resilient business models for businesses in agriculture.

What are the bottlenecks for youth to enter agriculture? How can we set up business plans so youth will see the benefits of starting in agriculture?

SIDE effects | the impact of this project.

  • Increased jobs that matter

  • Lower dependency on import of food

  • Increased climate resilience

  • Increased food security

  • Social entrepreneurship

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Innovative teaching

We love the outdoors

How do you tell a story connected to a landscape, and how do you trigger curiosity of those walking through your project area?

Cambisol has been involved in developing the app Peek from the very start.

Peek is an app in which you can build gps-based questions including feedback.

The innovative app is widely used by universities world wide in their education, but the possible applications are much wider than that: also nature organisations can use Peek as their guide in the field, as well as ngo's which can use the app for data collection for their research or projects.

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