responsibility, sustainability & impact

Aardig voor de Aarde

"Aardig voor de aarde" is a Dutch catchphrase translating to "being gentle for the planet".

On our quotations and invoices to clients, we offer an optional 1% green fee. Clients are of course not obliged to pay this, but if they do, they support us in making a green(er) choice.

The reason for this is we are aware that some of our activities are impacting the environment and we do care about this. Although we believe the long term positive impact of our mission is bigger than the negative effects of our travelling, we want to minimize our initial impact as much as possible.

The green fee support from our clients do help in covering a part of our expenses. The rest we pay ourselves, of course.

Where possible, we take the bicycle instead of the train (also for larger distance commuting), or the train/bio-fuelled car instead of the plane. And if plane-travel is inevitable, we off-set emissions.

Sustainability is not just part of our mission, but an important part of the day-to-day choices we make at Cambisol. Read more on our work philosophy below!


We believe the following initiatives and ideas deserve your attention:


Teun is currently training for the Alpe d'Huzes, an event to raise money and awareness for a foundation fighting cancer (KWF).


Ecosia is using the google search engine for you.
All profits from ads. go into reforestation projects directly.


We strive to travel by train at distances smaller than 1000 km.
We plant trees for every tonnes CO2 emitted through air travel.

CAmbisol HeadQuarters

A mobile office. As long as our laptops and drones can be charged: we grow everywhere!


The job well done

"What do we want our working lives to look like?"
"What would it look like with respect to our normal lives?"
"Cannot we integrate it as much as possible?"
"How can we practice what we preach?"

These questions have led us to developing our Cambisol Work Philosophy which we are happy to share with you!
These work ethics might sound odd. Hope you don't mind!

  • working like liveaholics

    We see work as a hobby and make sure to enjoy what we do (rather than just doing what we enjoy).

  • Chasing idealistic but feasible targets

    We define a Minimum Viable Income for ourselves and don't stress to get more.

  • Saving unnecessary costs

    We keep our overhead low, like choosing for our Mobile office. By keeping our team small, we maintain agility.

  • Innovating without expectations

    We dare to set things up from scratch. Ultimatelly, all invested energy will be rewarded one way or another.

  • Simply enjoying it

    The best way to stay young and energised!

  • Positive impact

    Travel greener, 90% of our (int'l) meetings online, aardig-voor-de-aarde-community of clients supporting us in reducing our negative impact.