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We present Map My Vineyard, where we specialise in innovative vineyard mapping for sustainable vineyard management. With increased competitiveness in the wine industry and the need for sustainable use of resources, effective vineyard management is more important than ever!

Our innovative drone mapping techniques provide accurate and detailed data about your vineyard, that can help inform important decisions related to irrigation and water management, soil loss, fertilisation, disease mapping, canopy development, and harvesting. By using our services, you can take the first step towards implementing precision viticulture 0.1 and improving the sustainability of your vineyard.

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Prácticas sostenibles de conservación y gestión de viñedos.
Cambio climático y resiliencia futura del viñedo
Mejorar el rendimiento, la calidad y los costes en viñedos mediante el mapeo con drones

We understand that every vineyard is unique, which is why we offer three customizable packages tailored to the specific needs of your vineyard. These packages serve as a starting point for our services and we are eager to work with you to find a tailored solution that best suits your vineyard


*From €3000 / 10 ha

  • Remote service
  • 2 single maps
  • Consulting report with inspiration for conservation


*From €4000 / 10 ha

  • Personal visit and drone survey
  • High resolution overview map
  • 3D model of your vineyard
  • 2 single maps
  • Consulting report with specific management advice


*From €7000 / 10 ha

  • CLASSICO but better!
  • 3 single maps
  • One map from the special collection*
  • Consulting report with specific management advice


A comprehensive drone survey will be conducted to create a detailed, high-resolution map of your vineyard. This map will provide an overview of your vineyard and is used to generate additional “single maps” tailored to your specific requirements.

High resolution orthophoto map
Photogrammetric 3D terrain model of Italian wine consortium


Vineyard topography, Digital Terrain Model or DTM
A high-quality orthophoto of your vineyard serves as the base map, displaying all visible details with centimeter-level resolution.

A state-of-the-art 3D model of your vineyard for stunning and immersive presentations, wait until you try it out with virtual reality technology.

A detailed map of your vineyard's terrain, complete with micro-topographic details.

Vineyard map of the surface water flow and drainage
Vineyard map of soil loss and erosion
VARI map for grape yield and water stress prediction

 Surface runoff and drainage map, developed using advanced hydrological modelling techniques

Map developed using advanced modelling techniques, provides detailed information on areas within your vineyard that are at risk of erosion.

An estimation of your vineyard's performance, based on scientific models. This information can help identify areas of stress such as water shortages or disease, and can also provide yield predictions.

Map of canopy development and canopy volume for canopy monitoring
Climate impact assesment for vineyard suitability in Europe
Intervention desing for soil and water conservation

A detailed estimation of the volume of your vineyard's canopy, based on a point cloud analysis, is available to identify gaps or missing plants to optimize vineyard growth and productivity.

An analysis of various climate change scenarios to assist you in optimizing your vineyard management in relation to changing weather conditions such as droughts, heavy rainfall, and extreme temperatures.

Mapping, design and cost-benefit analysis of soil and water conservation measures.

* = maps from the special collection (Riserva Gold only)

“Single maps” will provide valuable insights that can be used to improve the management of your vineyard. Based on the maps, you will receive specific recommendations on zone management, harvest optimization, water conservation, soil retention, and canopy development, which can help you to optimize your vineyard's growth and yield while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

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Teun Vogel, Anton Pijl and Lan Remeta the MMV team

Map My Vineyard is a drone mapping service provided by Cambisol. We are a young and dynamic group of innovative individuals who are passionate about restoring degraded lands and promoting sustainable land management. We love to create, design, map and deliver proper work! We also have our very own work philosophy.

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Map my Vineyard is powered by

Cambisol transforming degraded lands

Map my Vineyard is powered by

Cambisol transforming degraded lands