On this page, some components of Cambisols vision are briefly explained

Soil is life

Cambisol sees soil as a very important resource. What has been developed over a long time can be destroyed in a few minutes. Unfortunately, we often treat the soil like dirt.

A healthy soil creates spongy conditions to assure a better water management for longer dry periods.

And remember: once soil is lost through erosion, you will not get it back..

Importance of vegetation

I stress the importance of vegetation because of several reasons

  • Reducing throughfall

    The energy of rainfall is reduced as a result of less throughfall

  • Reducing erosion

    Root system holds soil to prevent soil erosion. Non-vegetated soils are like a skinless body

  • Creating coolness

    Leaves provide shade that decrease the radiative forces and lower the temperature below the plant with up to 40%

  • Better water management

    Vegetation can improve the healthiness of the soil causing spongy conditions: better storage for longer periods

  • Healthy atmosphere

    Plant growth results in fresh air and CO2 uptake in the plant and soil

Vegetation can assure
Cooler conditions

How I work:

With Cambisol I focus on various aspects of taking care of soil and vegetation in a better way.


Green, Growth, Energy

Design, Advice, Execution

Running projects are supported with research and aerial footage to create a better overview, develop accurate maps and come to a clear and location specific design and advice for a sustainable land and water management. See the various project focus pages for more information.