Research & Education

We at Cambisol believe that scientific research is fundamentally important in the search for long-term solutions for environmental problems.

Synergy between research and practical application can offer a response to the urgent challenges we find in society.

We are very much open towards scientific collaborations to enable this potential. So far, we built a strong portfolio with expert research groups at universities and intitutions around the world. We also engaged in practical training & teaching activities to disseminate scientific outcomes to relevant stakeholders such as students, practitioners, or companies.

Below we provide an impression of our Research & Education activities.

Scientific collaborations

Through involvement in numerous research projects we aim to connect scientists, decision makers and farmers in tackling environmental challenges. By being the bridge, our goal is to disseminate scientific-quality insights among practitioners able to make a difference.

Some of the key scientific partners we proudly collaborated with are:


Together with this leading university in Environmental Sciences, we work together on several projects with the Soil Physics and Land Management Group led by prof. Coen Ritsema.

We frequently work with the Earth Surface Processes & Society team led by prof. Paolo Tarolli of the University of Padova, having an established expertise in soil erosion, sustainable farming, and remote sensing.


As key player in agricultural research, the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute has proved to be a valuable partner on sustainable farming and soil management.

“I decided to bring Cambisol as a qualified partner to achieve some research experiments with my research group Earth Surface Processes and Society; the result was the publication of two scientific articles in international scientific journals. This undoubtedly is a relevant value of Cambisol’s portfolio. Therefore, I strongly recommend Cambisol for those who want to reach a high standard in their projects.”


— Principal Investigator in several research collaborations with Cambisol since 2018
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We welcome future research collaborations, for example (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Soil & water conservation

  • Landscape restoration and regreening

  • Mapping and 3D modelling

  • Sustainable agriculture and innovation

  • Social entrepeneurship

HIGHLIGHTED | a sneak peek into one of our studies...

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Teaching & Training

Teun has been educating on various occasions since 2017 and enjoys to teach others to make them enthusiastic about topics related to soil, landscape restoration and erosion. When it comes to teaching, we believe it is often not about what, but about how the message is delivered. It is not just about the exact content, but also about facilitating the right place, atmosphere, and tools to train.

We are passionate about sharing our own knowledge and skills in various forms. Whether through hands-on trainings, academic seminars, teaching individuals or groups, or dissemination of project outcomes; our approach is tailored to be captivating for the audience.

  • Research and education activities by Cambisol, including scientific studies, seminars, training and student supervision

  • Cambisol has an active research collaboration with the University of Padova in Italy

Sustainable Development Goals

how does our Research & Education contribute to a sustainable future?

  • We aim to disseminate relevant knowledge, whether it is to farmers, students or practitioners. Quality education to us means translating scientific-level information into practical knowledge.

  • Living landscapes are the core of our research and education activities. Whether in restoration plans for natural landscapes, or finding a sustainable balance in agricultural environments, life on land is our passion.

  • We care about the planet and finding balance in all of its ecosystems. Food production and natural landscapes can both flourish with sustainable agricultural practices. This noble goal is an important motivator for our research.


We believe that practical experience can strongly boost the future prospects of students. Whether as academic internship, traineeship or practical thesis project - there is a lot that students can obtain during a few months in a private working environment.

Vice versa, we at Cambisol have learned a lot from the fresh and creative mind sets of interns in the past. We appreciate young professionals with a clear vision and a strong drive. Below you can find some of the topics that we are interested in to further investigate together.

Ready to explore something new with us? Contact us with a short CV and your personal motivation!

“Working with Cambisol during my internship was an immensively learnful and enjoyable experience. Cambisol gave me the space for independent thinking and actively stimulated me to think and elaborate upon my own ideas and findings.”

— intern researcher at Cambisol in 2020
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Available internship #1
Designing a sustainable future for Italian steep-slope vineyards: 3D creation, implementation and innovation

Location: northern Italy

Host institution: University of Padova, 
Earth Surface Processes & Society group

Start earliest: as soon as possible


Are you a bright student with a set of digital skills & pragmatic common sense? We are looking for someone tech-savvy with 3D designs and GIS, while constantly “reality-checking” and incorporating feedback by farmers. The final product will be an effective and generic workflow to be used for future SWC designs.

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Available internship #2
Landscape restoration from A-Z: Making plans for a restored Palm Lake Gunjur

Location: Gambia

Host institution: The Gunjur Palm Lake Initiative

Start earliest: winter/spring 2022


In this internship you will develop a map of the current status of the area with all information that is needed for designing a project plan. Eventually, you will also be involved in thinking along in designing options for restoration under different scenarios. What could the project consortium propose to the policy makers of the area?

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Intern of the year: Giacomo Pavanello

MSc Giacomo Pavanello from the University of Padova (Italy) is currently reinforcing us as a researcher, intern, and a true polyhedric artist! 👨🏻‍🎨

"The internship in Cambisol has been a 360 degrees life experience. Moving to another country, adapting to a different culture, weather and diet, finding a stable place where to live, building new relationships. These are all side-experiences that one needs to take into account when approaching a new job experience abroad and that are an integrating part of it that can teach an equal amount of lessons.

But most of all, diving into a young startup reality and being able to follow all the steps of an innovative and explorative study in the realms of Precision Agriculture and remote sensing, is what brought me in Cambisol. “Mapping from A to Z”, (this is the way I like to call my internship project) involved the design and performance of a data collection campaign, the production of yield maps aimed at picturing the spatial yield variability across the orchard, the collection of drone images used to calculate multispectral vegetation indexes along with small-scale topography maps and the statistical analysis of spatial data.

Easier said than done, they say. All these steps required careful planning, constant studying, a ready-to-learn approach, but also failure acceptance and hard work to succeed. All of this would never have been possible without a supportive work environment created by two young entrepreneurs always ready to help and to involve you in amazing extra-work experiences across the Netherlands."


Eugenio in the spotlights

“Some say that when you finish your final year at university, a thousand questions about the future can arise. What would I really like to do in my career? Well, if I have figured it out, it’s thanks to Cambisol.”


— intern at Cambisol in 2018
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Eugenio Straffelini, MSc in Forestry Sciences and Land Protection from the University of Padova (Italy), completed a postgraduate internship at Cambisol, becoming now one of our collaborators. Below he tells us about his experience!

"My name is Eugenio Straffelini and I come from Riva del Garda, a little town in the North of Italy. Some months ago I graduated in Forestry and Environmental Sciences at the University of Padova, working on a thesis about the use of a drone for remote sensing of the Earth surface and analyzing the processes on it. Thanks to that, I realized that the combination between technology and environment was exactly what I am looking for my dream-job, pushing me to improve my skills finding a professional experience abroad.

And right here, thanks to Professor Paolo Tarolli from the University of Padova, in November 2018 I flew to the Netherlands for a great experience: accompanying Teun Vogel in the adventure at Cambisol, a start-up full of nice ideas and professional skills. Besides business and work, we did a lot of activities like spending time in different parts of this beautiful country and enjoying nights with biljart and good food. Last weekend, I only ate frikadel speciaal, bitterballen and kroketten, very nice. And we enjoyed Zeeuwse Mosselen and much more.

We worked in a team on different captivating projects, exploring the use of drone to build high resolution models of the surface in an efficient way, identify potential problems and propose solutions. All of this in a GIS environment, trying to obtain scientifically provenmaps but also attractive from a functional and aesthetic point of view. As a start, a very interesting job was the drone survey of a golf area in Den Haag, where some bunkers are affected by collapse problems due to erosion produced by heavy rain. Here we flew the drone for surveying the Green, built the 3D maps and analysed it for studying the hydrological processes."